1. Here is a disgusting, unwanted, and horribly placed selfie

    Here is a disgusting, unwanted, and horribly placed selfie

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  4. Whoops

    And in that moment the nerves consumed him
    He went from such confidence
    To puddy
    It was a side I had never seen before
    The lust in his eyes turned to embarrassment
    And I told him it was alright
    But all he could mutter was how sorry he was
    We sat in silence
    I could tell he was angry
    For disappointing me, maybe
    But I wasn’t disappointed at all
    This was a new side of him
    One that made him closer to me

    © Jenny Paz 2014

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  5. Anonymous asked: ignore that anon, you post all the dang selfies you like. this is YOUR blog. If they don't like something about it, they can just unfollow. If you feel great about how you look that day you should post all the selfies you please!

    Haha thank you kind person :) I really do appreciate it

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  6. Anonymous asked: I used to really love this blog because you would post amazing poetry.. but, then you stopped. Instead of poetry, you were constantly uploading selfies.. honestly, that pissed me off. It still does. That should be on your personal blog, not the one dedicated to writing as the blog description states. Because of your disgusting, unwanted, and horribly placed selfies, I unfollowed you.

    Personal blog/poetry blog same thing (considering my poetry is very personal to me). I like to think of the followers I have accustomed and who have stayed as friends and its my blog so I can do as I wish. A simple unfollow would have sufficed. Sorry for not posting as much, I’ve been having a lot of trouble writing lately.

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  9. It’s what we all breathe
    The air of an ancient infinity
    Until the decay of a star swallows us whole
    Can we find an escape
    But even then the past surrounds us
    Who’s to say it ever won’t?
    When will I find my nirvana
    How do I find hope?
    If life is surrounded by such a bleak sense of periphery
    How do I find peace?
    When everything collapses and the world is compacted
    Will we escape societies keep

    © Jenny Paz 2014

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