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  2. Heartless

    I’m afraid of having feelings again
    Nights with strange men
    The brain weakened
    A train crash
    A plain crash
    Another long weekend
    Another chance to relapse
    Another chance to hit the grass
    Face down in literal grass
    Feet scraped with glass
    More ink to mark my shredded skin
    More scars, more pain I am forced to grow with
    More feeling to hide with a bottle of wine
    And when they attack more reason to die
    I’ll say I’m feeling fine
    But after four cigarettes not even the sky is alright
    Not even the sky can take flight
    Or reach new heights
    Not even the sky could touch the stars
    With out draining the stock of a few bars
    Not even my lover could hold my hand
    Not even my lover could make me want to dance
    With a head that makes up stress
    My heart can’t help but feel depressed
    The motion set
    The same old loneliness
    The same overspoken shit
    The same smile that created this lie
    The same black hole that swallowed my soul
    The same glass that keeps breaking
    The same weakness I keep faking
    I’m sitting here shaking
    My rhymes nothing more than words I have been waiting to sew
    The fabric still wrong but I’m  always willing to grow
    I’m searching for a way to be happy
    I’m waiting to find a meaning in everything
    I’m still searching for a heartbeat
    And as my hands keep growing cold
    I’ll burn out trying to cover up the mold
    I’ll lose what once meant everything
    I’ll lose what meant the most to me

    And I’ll be alright

    © Jenny Paz 2014



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  7. It’s 12:45Am

    You are on my mind

    I still can’t find sleep

    It feels like something is missing

    I feel like my bed has been empty for too long

    I don’t want sex

    I need you to share your warmth

    I need you to hold me

    I need to feel your heart beat

    And I need your hand to gently run through my hair

    I need it, don’t ask why

    I just do

    Maybe it’s a bad idea to think I need you

    Or ever did

    I certainly find myself thinking of your soft kisses quite often

    And my poetry sucks now

    It does

    Stop telling me it doesn’t

    Because I know it does

    You ruined it

    My mind is in constant commotion

    It is like a dog who gives all of its attention to a squirrel

    I’m the dog, you’re the squirrel

    Sorry that this isn’t romantic

    But fuck you for making me fall in love with you

    Fuck you for being the perfect height

    Your arms fit almost too perfectly around me

    And my head rest perfectly on your chest

    But again fuck you I hate how the only poetry I can write is sappy

    And this should be a letter but it’s written in stanzas and lines and poetry format

    Look at how crappy my poetry is omg

    I literally would hate myself if I read this

    Stop being so cute

    I like how you kept the beard for me

    Seriously I can play with it all day

    And you look adorable

    And I want to kiss you now but it is 1AM

    And it took me fifteen minutes to write this shitty poem

    It has no flow, rhyme, or even really a purpose

    But fuck you I love you

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  8. Squirt and Slim Jim’s

    When I was in middle school I was lucky
    My best friend lived in my backyard
    And we hung out everyday
    We spent summers eating Slim Jim’s
    And drinking squirt
    While watching Supernatural on the big screen
    At night we talked about religion
    And even aliens
    And especially ghosts
    Such big concepts to us then
    Maybe even more so now
    I am talking to her for the first time in years
    I moved away
    Ad she moved even further
    In the opposite direction
    So much has changed
    We both were crushed by the heaviness of the world
    And the selfishness of society
    We both found methods to cope
    Whether it be boys
    Or tearing up our bodies
    We tried it all
    And found it helped
    To destroy ourselves
    This sadness that leaves scars on the wrist
    That destroys our will to live
    And love
    And finally trust someone
    Not having each other
    As a crutch
    Was really tough
    When it came to new places
    And faces
    Because this change in scenery
    Took my only friend from me
    And threw me in a sea of sharks
    It was hard in highschool
    Feeling so alone
    Those should be the years of fun
    And giving no fucks
    But instead I filled it wih drugs
    I am better now

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  9. I need some writing inspiration.. I hate how long it’s been since I’ve written. Stupid writers block

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